LinuxBox can't appear in Net neighbourhood.

Steve Litt slitt at
Sat Oct 30 03:07:42 GMT 1999

>I've tried "net view /workgroup=MY_LINUXBOX_DOMAIN",still can't see.
This was a colon, wasn't it?---/

Do a tail -f log.nmb, and watch as you reboot. See how long it takes for
your Linux box to win a browser election and tell you it's the browser for
the subnet. Until that happens you won't see it in Network Neighborhood.

Of course, make sure:

os level=65  (unless you want something else to win the browser election)
local master=yes
preferred master=yes

And of course, the easiest way of all is to make sure you have the same
workgroup on the server as on the clients.

Steve Litt

At 03:50 PM 10/29/1999 +1000, you wrote:
>I have samba 2.0.5 run on my RH6.1
>In windoz,when I use "find computer",I can find it without any difficulty!
>Also I can access it using this method!
>But I can't see it in network neighbourhood!
>I've tried "net view /workgroup=MY_LINUXBOX_DOMAIN",still can't see.
>Why?(In my linuxbox,the dns resolve doesn't work.does that matter?)
>The following is my global section
>workgroup = SOME_DOMAIN
>netbios name = MY_NAME
>public = yes
>server string = COMMENT
>hosts allow = OUR_SUBNET
>security = share
>encrypt passwrods = yes
>socket option = TCP_NODELAY
>interfaces = MY_IP/SUBMASK
>local master = no (I also have tried "yes")
>domain master = no (I also have tried "yes")
>wins server = WINS_IP_OF_OUR_SUBNET
>All other items have their default!

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