Samba + NT w/s freezes

hadden at hadden at
Fri Oct 29 16:15:54 GMT 1999

I am running redhat 6.0 and samba 2.0.3.  Apps are executed by the w/s but
datafiles and databases are stored on the linux server.  Occasionally *all* of
my workstations freeze up, or are unable to see the info on the server anymore.
The drive mappings still exist, I can browse the drives, but the app won't run
on any workstation.
So far, the only way to clear this has been to reboot the server, since samba
still thinks that the w/s have the database files open, even though the w/s has
exited the app.
I know this is a bit sketchy, but it's all new to me.....

Any help or pointers would be great.

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