Fax Serving

KSmith at bartoninsurance.com KSmith at bartoninsurance.com
Thu Oct 28 21:32:22 GMT 1999

I am currently running a fax server using Samba on RH6.0 with a program
called "respond"  which was written by Horst F.  You can get the program
and associated utils from http://www.boerde.de:/~horstf/

Its a great little utility which works with the mgetty+sendfax software in
Linux  and has a windows 95/98/NT client which pops up when you send data
to the fax printer.

It was very easy to install.  You will need Perl running on your linux
system and you should edit the printfax.pl, lprmfax.pl, and lpqfax.pl
scripts to change the "user" setting from the default of <mail> to read
<user>.  (without the <> chars).

Anyway, hope that helps

Ken Smith

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