Strange files on client after new share is created

Christine Wells cwells at
Thu Oct 28 15:29:56 GMT 1999

I created a new share on Samba 2.0.3.  I ran smbclient -N -L <hostname> and saw the files were being shared out.  I did not restart the samba processes on the host.

When I went to my client ( that has correct access to the share and has other shares currently mapped from that host ) and ran net use r: \\hostname\share from DOS, I could not see any of the files on that share but saw some other files that were not on the share.  Those files were called


I could not open them from the client

I started researching and could not find anything and went to check again and the files were gone and the correct shared files were there.  I am not quiet sure what they were but it almost looked like some kind of temporary stuff is given to the client until the NT PDC or samba ..... catches up???

Please let me know if any of you have encountered this or if you know what going on behind the scenes.  We run samba on 5 hosts in an NT controlled domain and I have never seen this before.

Thank You

Christine Wells

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