Gigabit LANs?

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Thu Oct 28 05:35:31 GMT 1999

Quite the opposite. Lousy throughput with NE2000's (and mucho compatibility
problems as well) and excellent results with 3c509 and 3c905s. I long-ago
went over to CAT-5 (RJ-45) cable and have since dumped all of those slow
cards for a complete switched 100baseTX LAN. (8-port NetGear 100baseTX FDX
switches are now ~$178US at Fry's, tres cool).

Now, does anyone know which Gigabit card works best with Linux?

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> I have used 3Com 3c509 nic width bnc coax. I have experienced
> that these
> cards used width FreeBSD and Samba is unusable due to speed.
> I tried to
> change the 3com card with a NE2000 compatible card, and there
> was a major
> change in speed. Has anyone else experienced such problem.
> Asgeir Stangeland

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