roaming profile question

Monty monty at
Wed Oct 27 23:10:29 GMT 1999

Hello list.
     In browsing through this lists' archives I was unable to locate a
message which completely resolved the problems and outlined a solution
regarding roaming profiles.
My situation is that I am attempting to set up a small lab of around  10
machines currently running win95 to a linux gateway server running samba.
I have been successful in getting the network up, running, and
communicating but am having trouble with the  registry insisting that it
creates  a profile image on the local machine in
c:\windows\profiles\<username>.  What I would like to setup is a solution
whereby any profile/user related information gets stored on the server in
the users home directory.  I have taken bits of information from past
messages in this list to modify various keys in the registry, combat the
"race condition" and fool the local machine to not create any profile
stuff on the local machine.
Does anyone have a complete solution to this problem - including creating
a skeleton/default profile upon user creation, bypassing the "Is this your
first time logging on to this local machine" windows message, and only
storing/maintaining profiles on the server leaving the local machines
completely free of any individual profile information.
Any help with this subject would be much appreciated.


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