3com 3c509

Dave Reed dreed at capital.edu
Wed Oct 27 23:00:51 GMT 1999

> Reply-To: ps-net at online.no
> From: Asgeir Stangeland <ps-net at online.no>
> I have used 3Com 3c509 nic width bnc coax. I have experienced that these 
> cards used width FreeBSD and Samba is unusable due to speed. I tried to 
> change the 3com card with a NE2000 compatible card, and there was a major 
> change in speed. Has anyone else experienced such problem.
> Asgeir Stangeland

My experience is the opposite.  I've had good results with 3c509b
cards (RJ-45, not coax), but bad throughput with a NE2000 compatible


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