cannot map

Mirat Satoglu mirat at
Wed Oct 27 21:07:34 GMT 1999

I am using samba ver 2.0.5a on osf1. I cannot map user directories from
windows clients . I followed the instructions on the DIAGNOSIS.txt file,
until test 7 everything is ok, but test 8 gives an error :
C:\>net view \\myserver

Error 5: You do not currently have access to this file. The file may be
marked read-only, or it may be part of a shared resource such as a folder,
named pipe, a queue, or a semaphore. You can use the ATTRIB command to
the read-only attribute, or try again later when the file may be

Also test 9 gives the same  error. On test 10, i can find the server from
nw neighborhood but can not see any shares. I am stuck, any idea? 

Mehmet Mirat Satoglu

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