Herb Lewis herb at chomps.engr.sgi.com
Wed Oct 27 15:43:11 GMT 1999

Giulio Orsero wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Oct 1999 22:42:30 +1000, hai scritto:
> >Everything else works, but "nmblookup -B ACLIENT '*'".
> >It shows the servers IP address, unless "ACLIENT" can be resolved thru hosts/dns.
> >Can someone explain me why?
> No.
> It doesn't work for me either.
> I wouldn't bother finding why, if everything else works.

I hit the wrong button and replied privately to the first question.

The -B option to nmblookup requires an arguement of a broadcast address.
Thus ACLIENT must be resolved by "normal" unix methods to provide
nmblookup with the broadcast address to use in sending the name
query for '*'

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