Varying user when submitting print job

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Wed Oct 27 12:50:35 GMT 1999

On Tue, 26 Oct 1999 20:07:41 +1000, hai scritto:

>I need Samba to submit print jobs to a WinNT print
>server, automatically using the user's account and
>password who is sending the print job to access the NT
>shared printer.  That is, if my account Dan logs-on in
>Linux, SMB will use the NT account Dan (with identical

If you are saying that you print with lpr, which uses the smbprint
filter, which calls smbclient, then you could try editing the smbprint
 | /usr/bin/smbclient "\\\\$server\\$service" $password -U $server -N -P
>> $logfile

to use -U with a variable containing the username of the user running
the script.

don't know haw to pass the password, maybe you'll be asked for it every

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