I need input on Samba problems that you have had

courtney at whtz.com courtney at whtz.com
Tue Oct 26 21:21:28 GMT 1999

Hey everyone-

my boss and I are trying to troubleshoot an issue with Samba version 2.0.3,
I need to know what problems that ANYONE has had while running this version
of Samba- especially any that relate to Samba locking a file as in use by
someone on a 95/NT Client, or slow network throughput from Windows 95/98/NT
machines. Please e-mail me privately at courtney at whtz.com to keep all of
the traffic off the list.  I appreciate all of you help in this matter.

Thanks in advance,

Bernie Courtney
Z100 New York Engineering
mailto:courtney at whtz.com

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