Performance Analysis

Michael Kohne mhkohne at
Tue Oct 26 01:38:25 GMT 1999

I'm about to setup a new Samba server to replace the one we have. We've got
a low load situation, but I want to make sure I don't compromise
performance in the transition. I'd like an automated tool (winNT client,
preferably) that can give me some performance numbers. 

A procedure using existing tools would be fine, but I'm looking for
something as automated and repeatable as possible. I've poked around a few
places and haven't found anything particularly useful yet. 

It seems to me that there should be an FAQ on this subject, but I haven't
been able to locate one yet (probably just looking in the wrong places).

Thanks for any help or pointers. 

Michael Kohne
Senior Software Engineer
Perceptron, Inc.
215-957-2352 x106
215-957-2355 (fax)

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