Getting RH6.0/Samba2.0.5a to join NT domain

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Tue Oct 26 11:16:25 GMT 1999

On Tue, 26 Oct 1999 14:37:08 +1000, hai scritto:

Have you added the samba netbios name to the nt domain?

>smbpasswd -j DOMAIN -r PDC with these results:
>cli_net_auth2: Error NT_STATUS_NO_TRUST_SAM_ACCOUNT
>cli_nt_setup_creds: auth2 challenge failed
>modify_trust_password: unable to setup the PDC credentials to machine PDC.
>1999/10/25 <timestamp>: change_trust_account_password: Failed to change

giulioo at

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