Varying user when submitting print job

Mal T. Younger swedan1 at
Tue Oct 26 10:11:14 GMT 1999

I have Samba installed and successfully running on RH
6.1, in a WinNT domain.  Here is the part I haven't
been able to figure out or find documented after
reading the SMB How-To and the Samba manpages:

I need Samba to submit print jobs to a WinNT print
server, automatically using the user's account and
password who is sending the print job to access the NT
shared printer.  That is, if my account Dan logs-on in
Linux, SMB will use the NT account Dan (with identical
passwords) to submit print jobs.  Currently I have it
working through LinuxConf, to submit a static account
and password, but I need to be able to track which
user prints.

Any ideas, links to relevant docs, or examples from
smb.conf files would be greatly appreciated.  Please
cc: me, as I am not subscribed to the list.

Thank you,

Mal Younger


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