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Karina Beatriz Paez Klatt <karina at uap01.uapar.edu> wrote

We are running Samba 2.0.4b on  Solaris 2.6 . We have 20 machines with
W95 and 20 with Win NT 4.0 WorkStation. We need users log on any
machine, and , no matter which one, or on what computer is, profile must
be available. We couldn't do it. Any idea of how can we do it?, or where
can we get info about it?

ok i only did it for 95 :

i created a share named home which is defined to work with directory

so when user NAME mounts the share \\server\home he uses /home/users/name

the same name for all users, but not the same directory.

Next i created /home/users/name/.win95/profile for each users

at each 95 station, i configured to use a startup script which run

net use h: \\server\home

and told to win95 that for user name the profile is in h:\.win95\profile

little problem is that you need to have an entry in the registry for each
user, telling

user1 profile is in h:\.win95\profile
user2 profile is in h:\.win95\profile

I nerver found how to tell zindows that the profile for each user is in
h:\.win95/profile for all users in one registry entry....

the trick I use to do it quicker is using policy on 95

This way permits you also to have users have one disk where they store
they files and have them where ever they go (they use h: insted of c:),
and you can also arrange so that their Netscape configuration is saved on
h: disk, ....

I hope this will help

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