NIS+ support in samba-2.0.5a

Toby Blake toby at
Tue Oct 26 09:43:30 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I'm a little confused over what exactly the NISPLUS and NISPLUS_HOME
support options actually mean.  I'm hoping somebody can shed a little
light on this.

Our main samba server is a Solaris 2.7 machine (using NIS+ for
passwords, etc, etc.) running samba 2.0.5a.  I have recently been
investigating a problem where, after a reboot of the server, various
3rd party products (POP, IMAP, CAP, SAMBA) are unable to authenticate
a user until that user has telnetted in to the server.

Anyway, that is just a little background.  I wanted to find out
exactly what decisions the configure script had made when I installed
samba, so thought the easiest way to find this out was to run it again
(this information doesn't seem to be easily found in the files that
configure leaves behind.)  Doing this, I discovered:

checking whether to use NISPLUS password database... no
checking whether to use NISPLUS_HOME... no

...which has confused me a little bit.  Surely samba must be using the
NIS+ password database otherwise it wouldn't be able to authenticate
any users?

So, I'd be most grateful if anyone could shed some light on these
compilation options.

Toby Blake
Division of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

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