bind failed on port 139

Bruce W. Miller bmiller at
Mon Oct 25 23:54:45 GMT 1999

I've searched the archives for an answer on this and found the problem mentioned, but never found the answer. I've been working on this for two days with no luck so need the help of someone smarter than I.

Here's the problem:

smb doesn't start.

When starting smb (by running /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb start) everything seems to go smoothly, but if I then check the status, I get the following:

smbd is stopped
nmbd (pid xxxx) is running....

The log.smb file shows the following error:
bind failed on port 139 socket_address= (Address already in use)

I found one reference in the latest samba HOWTO that indicated a message about a bind problem on port 139 indicated that another samba process was probably running and suggested executing:

ps auxww |grep mbd

The result was the nmbd process which automatically restarts, even when I stop smb--which I suppose is not the problem.

This server has been up for months--I'm not sure what happened that introduced the problem.

Here's my environment info:
--RedHat Linux 6.0 (Linux i386 kernel that shipped)
--Samba 2.0.5a (although I've tried two earlier 2.x versions trying to solve the problem)

Help please!

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