which interface to logon???

John J. LeMay Jr. jlemay at njmc.com
Mon Oct 25 13:31:37 GMT 1999

As I recall, you need to enable Samba on each interface installed on the
machine. IE:

    interfaces =

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 tbsky_lee at notes.unicap.com.tw wrote:

> my samba have three interface card =>   210.66.x.x
>   and belong to 3 networks. how can the pc from  each network logon samba
>   correctly ? i mean, pc from 210.66 will know samba server as 210.66.x.x
>   and pc from 10.x.x.x will know samba as  can we do that ???
>   samba seems report only one interface to client, so client from other
>   interface has problem to logon...
>   please help me, thanks for reply !!!

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