smbd & LPRng

Jake Kruse jkruse at
Sun Oct 24 04:22:03 GMT 1999

Hello all -
I've got an unusual problem that keeps popping up since samba 2.0, all the
way through 2.0.5a.  I'm running LPRng on my Linux box with Samba.  Both
startup fine.  Fileserving with samba is fine, but whenever I try to print
from any of my clients (Win 9x, NT, doesn't matter) the print job just sits
in the SAMBA spool directory.  Looking through the LPD logs LPR never gets
invoked to print the file.  If I do a 'killall smbd' and restart smbd from
the command line (restarting through SWAT doesn't fix the problem) all will
be well and anything will print.  Otherwise, the files just stack up in the
queue and never get touched.  I've had the same problem occur across
multiple distros, from RedHat to Debian.  Can anyone help me out here?  I'm
completely lost on this one.

Thanks in advance,

Jake Kruse

P.S.  Could you please CC any replies to my email addess?  I'm at home and
this account isn't on the SAMBA mailing list.  Thanks!

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