semaphores and Solaris 7 8/99

Kevin Van Der Hart kvanderhart at
Sat Oct 23 16:07:23 GMT 1999

I just installed the 8/99 release of Solaris 7 on three Sun Ultra 10's and
it seems to have broken Samba. I am running Samba 2.0.5a and it works fine
on an Ultra 10 running the 5/99 release of Solaris 7. All of the Ultra 10's
are using the 64 bit kernel. This is the errors that I am getting.

[1999/10/22 21:09:56, 0] locking/shmem_sysv.c:sysv_shm_open(597)
  ERROR: root did not create the semaphore
[1999/10/22 21:09:56, 0] locking/locking.c:locking_init(174)
  ERROR: Failed to initialise share modes

I used abd to compare the kernel settings for shminfo and seminfo and they
are indentical between the 2 releases. I also verified the samba install. I
am running smbd and nmbd as a daemon not through inetd. Thanks in advance.

Kevin Van Der Hart
LAN Administrator
Vermeer Mfg Co
kvanderhart at

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