Problems with 3Com 3c905b

thomas at thomas at
Sat Oct 23 15:36:15 GMT 1999


At first: Thanks for your help

I have problems with samba 2.0.5a amd my 3com 3c905b in 100 mbit mode:
writing performance: about 7,5 MB/s (ide hdd !!)
reading performance: about 0,2 MB/s (I can't explain !!)

My System Suse 6.1, Network:
Protocol: TCP/IP without dhcp, wins
100 mbit/s and full duplex,
2 Machines (Connected with Crossover cable=>High speed!)
Machine1: Linux (Also tested with NT-Server: ~3,5 MB/s write, ~5 MB/s
read, domain mode, dma not enabled)
Machine2: Win95/98/NT (Tried all Clients, Workgroup mode, not domain
mode !)

Can anybody help me ? Is there a spezial option that can help me ?

Thank you all

Where will you go tomorrow ?

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