Please help track possible bug in name mangling

Alan Pence adp at
Fri Oct 22 20:55:13 GMT 1999


I'm trying to track a possible bug.

I'm running samba 2.0.3 on Solaris 2.5.1 (with current patches), and I am
having a problem that came up overnight.  We use a single global name mangle
{mangled map = Makefile makefile.unx} that has been working just fine for
years, and now it fails.

We build software on the unix side and on the PC side and use different make
files for the specific build that we want.  So a PC user used to be able to
read and write the two main make files (makefile and Makefile under unix,
and makefile and makefile.unx under Windows).  Now a user on a PC has a
problem seeing the two files as different files.  Windows explorer sees two
files with the correct names and the correct file attributes.  But when
accessed from different applications (like Notepad, Wordpad, more or cat)
reading either makefile or makefile.unx will read the one file (Makefile in
unix or what should only be makefile.unx).  The Windows apps will display
the file name as "makefile" with no extension.  The directory read is
inconsistent.  Using Widows Explorer, I consistently see the correct file
information, but using versions of ls give me different results.  Some
versions see the files with different names and the same attributes, and
others can see the attributes as different as well.

We are accessing the shares from WinNT 4.0 service packs 3, 4, and 5 as well
as Win95 service release 2 machines and the behavior is consistent on all
client platforms.

The most recent change in the smb.conf file was a week or two before to add
some printer shares.  Those changes have been commented out (; as first
character in the line), and the problem persists.  We upgraded to Samba
2.0.3 at the beginning of last August, and ran 1.9.18p10 before that.  I
have tried to access the same unix filesystem from a different installation
of Samba 2.0.3 (to see if there were a problem in the conf files), and had
the same results (that machine was running Solaris 2.6).  I copied the
mangle entry into the share section and had the same results.

At this point, I figure that I have exhausted my limited troubleshooting
options and am seeking more experience troubleshooters.  I need to get my
users up and running again, and am going to build the current 2.0.5a
version, but while this is up and running...

Does anyone have any suggestions or would anyone on the Samba team like me
to run some tests?  Does anyone know if a major change in the code for the
mangled map happened between the 1.9.19 release and the 2.0?

Alan Pence
System Administrator
TI, Santa Barbara
(805) 968-5100 x136  or  adp at

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