Samba dies on long transfers

Brian Hall brianw.hall at
Fri Oct 22 19:15:15 GMT 1999

Samaba is dying for me on long transfers. By that, I mean that the smbd and
nmbd daemons disappear when I transfer whole CDs of information across a
smbmounted filesystem. I am mastering CDROMs from mounted shares, and I really
need to track down this problem. Currently my workaround is to reboot into NT
to copy the files, then back into Linux to master and burn CDs. Not fun.

I have tried 2.0.3 and 2.0.5a. Same results when I transfer >100MB of data. The
point at which it dies varies greatly; on 600MB it might be anywhere from 30%
to 99%. System is RedHat Linux 6.0 on Intel.

Brian Hall <brianw.hall at>
Linux Consultant

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