Connecting to Samba shares via NT RAS

Malcolm Burtt malcolm at
Fri Oct 22 08:49:59 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I've just upgraded to Samba 2.0.5a and I have a remote user that is
having trouble accessing the Samba shares on my machine. My user
connects to our network via the Remote Access Service on our NT machine.
He can see the Samba server listed in Network Neighborhood but if he
click on it he gets an error saying "The computer or share name could
not be found". If he tries to connect to a share directly by typing in
the path to it he also gets this error.

We didn't have any problems like this in version 1.9 of Samba, does
anyone know of any issues that I need to be aware of when connecting via


Malcolm Burtt
Senior Analyst
EuroGen Systems Limited.

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