Changing Unix Login Passwords via samba according to the Passwords on the joined NT Domain?

bjoern.wenz at bjoern.wenz at
Fri Oct 22 00:28:35 GMT 1999


Re to mail of Paul. L. Lussier <plussier at>

Thanks for your Ideas an in other environments i would use this way of doing it.

But fact is, that the unix area and the people woring on it are only a part of
the whole system, that is working for a long time, and also shared over many
different locations. SO the only way - if there is one - would be to get the
unix system to change then passwards according to NT.

The Webbased change sollution is also not possible, because there is no way to
enable web on the users clients.

If you have an idea, i would be pleased to hear it.


Bjoern-Erik Wenz

Engineering, Milton, AUTRA

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