Corrupted Excel files, oplock_break(905) errors

Mark E. Drummond drummond-m at
Thu Oct 21 18:48:41 GMT 1999

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Could you try downloading the 2.0.6-pre3 snapshot and testing
> to see if it fixes the problem. We have done extensive work
> in this area on this issue.

While this is a possible solution for us, I am disinclined to move to a
pre, especially since my second file server is running the same setup
without any problems. I have compared the two and their setups differ
only in irrelevant areas like logging level.

That said, the data I have for all the problems that cropped up this
morning I think is useless. I have been seeing these oplocks problems,
but also other unexplainable behaviour like smbd processes going to
sleep and staying that way even though the client is trying to do stuff.
I turned oplocks off, and my clients are still snookered. They just
can't get at their network shares. However, in many cases, they will get
on, and be fine for a few minutes, then things lock up again.

I have upped the log level on the server, snooped net traffic and
trussed running smbd processes, all to no avail. When the client is
"locked up", I have found there to be 0 net traffic and the related smbd
sleeping!! I'm lost ... Some pointers on where to look next would be

FYI, I _just_ upgraded to 2.0.5a from 2.0.4 in an effort to relieve the
oplocks issue, but my second server has been running 2.0.5a for many
months without issue.

Gang Warily

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