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On 1999-10-21 23:11:15 +1000, P&K Computer Consultants Ltd wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Oct 1999 00:56:32 +1000, samba at wrote:
> >How bout using server side automation. When the guy connects to
> >[homes], the preexec= command takes a directory, and if it has two
> >many bytes it disconnects the person.

I don't think this is a good idea for two reasons:

1) It doesn't prevent a user from filling up the disk in the first
place - as long as he stays connected he can create new files without

2) Once he has disconnected and is over the limit, he can never
reconnect to delete any files. 

Quotas are better.

BTW: Does anybody have a good idea to alert users once they exceed their
soft quotas? Right now I'm sending an email once per day, but I think
the warning should be more immediate unfortunately there doesn't seem to
be any non-polling way to detect this condition so the best thing I can
think of is calling repquota rather frequently (e.g. once per half-hour)
and notifying users via winpopup if they haven't already been notified.


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