Changing Unix Login Passwords via samba according to the Passwords on the joined NT Domain?

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Thu Oct 21 13:28:10 GMT 1999

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bjoern.wenz at said:

>Hi everyone,
>we are working in an big NT environment and now have a new Unix-area.
>What i want to do, is to change the unix login passwords according to changes 
>in the NT system. The aim is, to simplify the password system, so that the
> users only have ONE password for everyting.

What I  would recommend is to run NIS on the Unix side, and migrate all your 
users to Unix usernames/passwords.  That way, no matter where they change the 
password from, it changes in the same place for everything.  Setting up Samba 
to be a PDC, and running this on the same system as you NIS master will allow 
you to sync the password changing for both environments.

Another option would be to go to a web based password changing scheme where 
the user can change their password via a web page, and secure cgi scripts deal 
with changing the passwords in either the unix environment, the NT enviroment, 
or both.  This is a little less secure than the first method, but offers much 
more flexibility, since you can always add in options for other username/
password pairs (LDAP, Databases, etc.).

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