REPEAT: hasn't anyone used smbclient linux->linux?

Drenning Bruce bdrenni at
Thu Oct 21 11:32:35 GMT 1999

  I'm using security = domain. What about you all?


> I have 2 systems:
> A) samba 2.0.6pre2/2.2.12
> B) samba 2.0.5a / 2.0.33
> A can smbmount B's dirs.
> Cannot do the reverse because it's 2.0.33 and samba's smbmount is for
> 2.0.x kernels only.
> Both of them can "smbclient" each other.
> -- 
> giulioo at

Oh, BTW, to answer the original question, I have used smbclient from a Linux

system to access another samba server running on another Linux system, but 
strictly out of curiousity to see if it worked.  It did, and there was
magical to be done that I recall.



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