Slowness in copying files to samba share

Alex DeNeui alexd at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 21 02:42:05 GMT 1999

Here's my dilema.  I currently have a PII300 running FreeBSD 3.3 and Samba
2.0.5a.  Uploading files from my Windows machine to the BSD box via FTP is
very fast, downloading via FTP is fast, and downloading via Samba is also
fast, however, uploading (copying) files to Samba shares on the BSD box is
horribly slow.  Here is my smb.conf file..

           workgroup = <my workgroup>
           netbios name = SERVER
           server string = El Servador
           encrypt passwords = Yes
           map to guest = Bad User
           socket options = TCP_NODELAY
           dns proxy = No
           hosts allow = ........

           comment = the goods
           path = /usr/home/shared
           admin users = ...
           write list = ...
           guest ok = Yes

Does anyone know of any flags I need to set in order to get this box
running faster?


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