slow concurrent accesses

Joao Pagaime jpsp at
Wed Oct 20 18:51:27 GMT 1999

Helo all

I'm having performance problems with samba v2.0.3/freeBSD3.2  when
there's more than one client using the same share.

Every thing works, but very slowly - about 30 seconds to 
open an Access table.  When there is only 1 client, it
takes about a second.    The server is almost 100% idle.

I tried samba v2.0.5a on a Linux and the problem also

On a MSWindows NT workstation holding that share,
the problem disappeared.

We had the program working fine on older version of
samba - 1.something.

We have a mixture of win95 and NT workstations. It suffices
2 concurrent access to degrade the performance tremendously.
I don't think it has nothing to do with the application
because it was working fine on an older version of samba.

Did anyone experience such problems ?
What is the proper way to debug concurrency on samba -
watching locks, measuring times, etc? 

Thanks in advance,
Joao Pagaime

FCCN - Fundacao para a Computacao Cientifica Nacional - Tel: 351-1-8440100

PS: I tried to eliminate locks - for test purposes - but smbstatus reports
them anyway...

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