Questions on smbclient messaging

kenneth topp caught at
Wed Oct 20 15:58:10 GMT 1999


Here's a fun way:

in smb.conf add:

message command = /usr/local/bin/popup %f %m %s; rm %s

where  /usr/local/bin/popup contains:

XAUTHORITY=/var/gdm/:0.Xauth /bin/echo Message from $1 on $2 \
 	| /bin/cat - $3 | /usr/X11R6/bin/xmessage -display :0 -file -

now note that either:
  1) /var/gdm/:0.Xauth is world readable (command runs as daemon)
  2) you've run: xhost +`hostname`
  3) Somehow popup is running as root (and can read /var/gdm/:0.Xauth)

I use choice 2 out of laziness.  The XAUTHORITY variable is set only makes
sense if your server uses it (run: "ps auxww | grep X" and check for
"-auth" command line parameters).  Also note,  "message command" contained
a security bug in versions prior to 2.0.5a so NOBODY USE THIS IN OLDER

Also it's good to note I put the "rm" in the smb.conf so when you test
popup you don't accidentely delete /etc/hosts....


On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Steve Snyder wrote:

> I'm running Samba v2.0.5a on a RedHat v6.0 system.  This server
> provides SMB shares to Win98, OS/2 and Linux clients.  Everything is
> running fine with the Win98 and OS/2 clients, but I have a few
> questions regarding Samba and Linux clients.
> 1. Is there a way for Linux systems to receive SMB messages?
> Something analogous to Windows' "WinPopup" or OS/2's "Network
> Messaging" applications?
> 2. If there is no way to receive SMB messages on a Linux system, is
> there at least some way to know that a given machine cannot accept
> messages?  Right now I have no way to determine if a given machine
> (i.e. one running Linux) cannot receive messages.
> Thank you.
> *** Steve Snyder ***

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