File names and e-acute char

Michel Marcon cmic at
Wed Oct 20 06:40:04 GMT 1999


Samba 1.9.15p8 under IRIX 6.1 (yes I know, it's old stuff ...)

The susers on Windows 9x/WindowsNT just put their strange file name or
directory name (like /usr/people/mesure_été ) on the IRIX. However, from
the IRIX side, it's impossible toaccess to such files/directory.
What's more, my ARkeia backup client stalls on such a name and fouled up
my backup database...

NB: Oops: for those that can't read the lines over there
 /usr/people/mesure<eacute>t<eacute> . French e accent aigu...

I suppose WindowsX users use a symbol set different from the IRIX one.
Is there a way for Samba to force the use of *a* symbol set ???


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