Win98 Password Stumbling Block (Resolution)

Allen Hubble AHubble at
Wed Oct 20 03:48:24 GMT 1999

For those of you that have had/are having problems getting Win 98 clients to
correctly authenticate, I have identified a stumbling block which I had to
deal with.  Specifically, EnablePlainTextPassword *must* be a DWORD value.
In following the instructions found here, and on the
Microtheft web site, I installed the ptxt_on.inf file from the Win 98 CD.
This created a Registry Entry that was binary rather than DWORD.  Using
regedit, manually configure the key as DWORD with a value of 1 for Plain
Text passwords.

Hope this helps someone (as I was left to my own - but I'm not bitter).

... Al Hubble

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Hi All,

Here's my problem, right from when I first set it up, I could connect using
smbclient from the Linux box (localhost)<Great!>.  When I tried from the
Win98 command line, I got the 'Error XX...Bad Password' error.  After
researching things a bit, I was lead to get out tcpdump to see what was
going on.  In the tcpdump output I could see my userid and (to my surprise,)
my workgroup where the password should have been! <Grumble, grumble.  More

I implemented the EnablePlainTextPassword fix suggested here, because the
symptoms sounded the same.  Now when I try it with tcpdump, I see neither my
userid nor my password and I still get the same error.

This only happens when I try to access one of the shares that has some sort
of security on it (i.e. I can connect and browse the tmp share, no problem).

To save bandwidth, my smb.conf file (which has been modified both manually
and using linuxconf) can be found at

In thinking about the workgroup-rather-than-password issue, I noted that my
Win98 network config is set with 'Share-level access control' but I can't
see how that is relevant.  Isn't that just for shares that are defined on
the Win98 system?  I'm stumped at this point thus my post.
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