which NIC to use?

Hank Burton wburton at literati.com
Tue Oct 19 19:23:03 GMT 1999

Samba users:

We have a client we are trying to resolve some Samba transfer problems
with.  We currently are using a 3Com 3C905B 10/100 NIC which has been
successfully configured and works at 100Mbps but doesn't seem to be
transferring at what it could be.

>From posting another problem I had with a network program, another Samba
user mentioned that the 3Com cards don't work best with Samba and
recommended an Intel adapter.  So, we purchased an Intel Pro/100+ NIC and
was able to configure RH6 to work with it, but the reliability was
horrible.  We could transfer files for a little bit and then the NIC would
crap out.  We have tried different drivers to no avail.

Any suggestions?  Is there a driver that people have found success with?
How about adapters?  We specifically need one that will work at 100Mbps.

We are using the latest version of Samba -- 2.0.5a.

Thanks for your time.

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