FAT32 partitions and smb

sergeiga at hotpop.com sergeiga at hotpop.com
Sat Oct 2 18:26:42 GMT 1999

Windows 98 and Linux RedHat 5.2 are on the first computer.
Second computer has Windows 95.

samba works fine, but I have one problem when exporting FAT32 

I have c:, d: drives in Windows.  I mount this drives as /c: and /d: in 
Linux.  It works fine in Linux.  I export this drives as shares c: and 
d: in smb.conf file.

When I try to browse share d: or c: from another computer I can 
see directories in /c: and /d: drives, but I cannot enter into these 
directories.  I can read files in /d: and /c: shares.  For example, I 
	c:/windows			<-- I cannot enter into this directory.
	c:/programs		<-- I cannot enter into this directory.
	c:/autoexec.bat	<-- I can read the contents of the file.
	and so on,
but when I try to look inside the directory
I get message: "Error: c:/windows does not exist".

I don't have this problem for the linux partition,
so when I login into my account, I can enter into any directory in 
my account.  Everything works for shares from linux partition.

/d: and /c: are mounted when I try to access them.

Thanks a lot.

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