mounting a windows zip drive

Matthew Vanecek mev0003 at
Tue Oct 19 17:21:34 GMT 1999

> Mark Peoples wrote:
> Hello,
>  I have a Zip drive on my Windows machine, shared to the network.  I
> can get to the drive through smbclient, but would like to mount it to
> my main Linux box to do backups.
>  The Zip drive is known as  \\mark\d to the network, and I would like
> to mount it to  /mnt/zip
>  However, smbmount is not able to mount it, nor am I able to mount it
> via smbclient.
>  Anyone have this already working?  And what syntax are you using to
> do this?

I had my zip drive shared, before the click of death, and it worked

The information missing from your question is what version of samba are
you using.  The syntax changed a bit going from 1.9.x to 2.0.x, and
again it changed going from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5.

In 2.0.5, it's just "smbmount //mark/d /mnt/zip", assuming you have
mount privileges to /mnt/zip.  The current smbmount has been rewritten
by Tridgell, and it's still a work in progress, but it is useable.  Not
sure if it matters in Windows (vs. NT) but do you also need to use
user/password when mounting your Windows drives via samba?

Also, and I hesitate to ask, *are* putting a disk in the
drive before you mount it, right?
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