Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Oct 19 12:46:38 GMT 1999

Daniel Nilsson wrote:
> Does anyone know what SMBtconX is?
> It fails when i try to see my shares.....

The SMB command for "Tree Connect".  It is the point at 
which you actually connect to the share.  In user mode 
security, there are three basic steps to connect to a share
with respect to SMB

   - Negotiate the protocol to use between the client and server
   - User validation in the Session setup

   - Actually mounting the share using a tree connection

Possible reasons for failing would be

  * the share you are trying to connect to 
    does not actually exist. Check your spelling 
    and syntax in smb.conf

  * permissions on the share (or the file level)
    do not allow you to access it

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