Samba server not in Network Neighborhood

Robert NIcol rnicol at
Tue Oct 19 08:49:01 GMT 1999

OK this is weird to me.  I have 3 linux machines running samba (Redhat
6.0, Slackware 4.0, and SuSE 6.1) and two windoze 98 machines, one with
SE.  Each windoze machine sees 4 computers in Network Neighborhood - one
of the 4 is itself.  they do not see the same machines!  the 98 machine
@ sees and the 98 machine @ sees  I seem to remember reading somewhere there is a problem
with windoze and samba shares showing up, but I cannot find that
reference.  I can access all shares thru DOS and if I mount a share I
can browse it with Explorer.  I'm very confused about this

Thanks in advance


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