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> >> Q1
> >> I need to be able to set a maximum size to the users home directories
> >> so that a disk full or similar message appears. Can this be done ?
> >> Users home directories are all  mapped to the same drive letter.
> >> RH6.0 with Win 9X clients
> >
> >Look at setting up quotas in Linux. Quotas will let you set a max size.
> Unless I misunderstood, quotas let you set a max usage for a partition ..
> which isn't the same thing at all.
Quotas let you limit the amount of disk space per user for accounting or
space reasons. There is a quota mini-howto included with the Red Hat
documentation and also on the Linux Documentation Project sites.

The document begins:

1. What is Quota?

Quota allows you to specify limits on two aspects of disk storage: the
number of inodes a user or a group of users may possess; and the
number of disk blocks that may be allocated to a user or a group of users.

The idea behind quota is that users are forced to stay under their disk
comsumption limit, taking away their ability to comsume unlimited
disk space on a system. Quota is handled on a per user, per file system
basis. If there is more than one file system which a user is
expected to create files, then quota must be set for each file system

Gary Wilson

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