Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Oct 18 14:33:38 GMT 1999

> I have this problem too, since upgrading to samba 2.0.x.
> If you often have to restore from samba to win9x, you'd better download
> the 1.9.18p10 version of samba, and compile the smbclient you find in
> there; it will be faster, much faster, in restoring to win9x shares.

I've mostly fixed this for 2.0.6 (I just fixed it a few minutes
ago). It was a bug in the setting of the default socket options.

To get all the speed of 1.9.18 we need the raw writes back into
clientgen.c but at least with the socket options fixed the speed is
now reasonable.

raw writes are really ugly, but they give the best speed with Win9X
because it negotiates a puny buffer size (just 2920 bytes). 

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