SAMBA digest 2272 / Installing Documentation for Samba (SCO Open Server 5.0.5)

Axel Neumann amn at
Mon Oct 18 08:17:14 GMT 1999

Bob Baran wrote:

>HI Samba,

>      Do you have any documentation to install the file
>"samba-2.0.5a-dist.tar"? I loaded the gun zip file in / and then ran tar xvf
>samba-2.0.5a-dist.tar....   What do I do next?


This is how you have to install the binaries:

1. Extract the archive to the root directory.
2. Modify /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf accordingly to your needs
3. Test your smb.conf with testparms
4. Run "/etc/samba enable" once to allow automatic startup of Samba during boot
5. If you do not reboot run "/etc/samba start" to start Samba

This is the basic stuff. I suggest that you also download the source distribution to get all additional information that comes with it.

Best regards,

Axel Neumann

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