Gary Neff gary at
Sun Oct 17 18:24:34 GMT 1999

 I need some help, I am having a permission problem utilizing redhat 6.0 and
several windowz boxes. I have setup several folders for users which seems to
be working fine and have several shared folders where the problem is
arising. One of the users is setup in a diffrent group :adm
and all other users are :users
if the adm creates a folder in the shared folder that folder does not allow
write privilages to the other users. If I issue chmod -R6770 [file]
everything is fixed . Until the next time the adm creates a folder inside
the shared folder. I thought the shared folder would maintain privilages
down the line but that is not what I am experiencing. What can I do to
rectify this problem.
thanks in advance
I should add I have the linux box set up as the domain server and ipmasq is
running which was prime reason the client wanted the system, I have everyone
logging into nt domains and all that is working great.

Gary Neff
gary at

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