Samba 2.0.6pre1 released

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Sun Oct 17 01:25:46 GMT 1999

Giulio Orsero wrote:
> 1)
> PR#18806
> SIGHUP/log handling (samba keeps logging to the old logs after a

Matt just fixed this.

> 2)
> PR#14273
> smbtar is _slow_ (terribly slow)  in restoring a tar onto a win9x
> machines; restoring the very same tar (same samba server, same win9x
> client) with the 1.9.18p10 smbclient binary is much faster.

More info needed on this. Packet traces would help a *lot* here.
I disabled the multiple-outstanding-packets code on read. Are
you able to test a patch to 2.0.6pre-1 if I send code to do the
same for write ?

> 3)
> PR#20076
> password sync doesn't work on rh60 if UNIX98 PTY are disabled (either in
> the kernel or runtime):
> $ tty
> /dev/ttyp5

Matt just fixed this.

> 4)
> PR#18611
> "net use h: /home" maps to the global profile share, and not to the
> homeshare, if the profile share is out of the home share as suggested in
> the samba docs.

More info needed please. Complete steps to reproduce needed.

> 5)
> PR#20697
> log annoyances with "null passwords = yes": samba logs that every
> password is invalid, but it's not, and in fact samba gives access to the

These are just log messages. You can ignore them.

> 6)
> I still get oplock_break's

More packet sniffs needed. The 2.0.6 code has definately improved
problems seen in this area as tested in the lab.

> 7)
> New problem
> $ smbd -V
> Aborted

Ok - I know what this one is. I will fix it.

Thanks very much for the feedback.


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