Not authorized to login from this station

Cooper, Tom tom.cooper at
Sat Oct 16 16:00:40 GMT 1999

Not authorized to login from this station - this is a FAQ.

It has to do with NT by default using encrypted passwords.  I fixed this by
applying the /usr/doc/samba-2.0.3/docs/NT4_PlainPassword.reg file to the
registry on my NT4 workstation.

I'm sure that this is less secure, but I don't think there are too many
sniffers on my home LAN.

Hope this helps.

Tom Cooper
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> Hi,
> Can any point me in the right direction to solve this one?
> I get a: "this account is not authorized to login from  this station" 
> message when I try to "Map Network Drive" from  NT4server SP4 to 
> my RH Linux 6.0 Samba 2.0.3, yet I can open a  telnet session 
> from the NT machine to Linux using this user, and,  in a linux 
> xterm window I can list the samba services using 
> smbclient -L localhost -U user%password 
> I am also able to mount a NT4 share on a linux mountpoint, so it 
> works the other way round.
> TIA,
> Zoltan.

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