9 character passwords do not seem to work

Michael H. Warfield mhw at wittsend.com
Fri Oct 15 23:56:46 GMT 1999

On Sat, Oct 16, 1999 at 12:26:48AM +1000, Paul L. Lussier wrote:

> In a message dated: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 23:47:25 +1000
> Andrew Welham said:

> >Dear all
> >We have sambe 2.0.0 we cant use 2.0.4b(clearcase problem with this
> >version)
> >on hpux 10.20
> >a user changed their password from a 8 character password to a 9
> >character password.
> >They now can not use theie samba share unless they only type the first 8
> >letters of the 9 letter password

> >Any ideas ???

> Yeah, change the password back to 8 characters.  Unix will only recognize the 
> first 8 unique characters of a password.  So, technically, 'password1' and 
> 'password2' would both be interpreted as 'password'.

> I'm not positive this is also true for HP-UX, but I know it is for SunOS, 
> Solaris, and Linux.

	HP-UX	true
	SunOS	true
	Solaris	false (depending on PAM configuration)
	Linux	false on distro's supporting PAM and configured for md5 sums
		false on distro's supporting shadow file and md5 sums
		true all else
	AIX	false
	OpenBSD	false

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