Can't delete read-only files on Linux

Dragon drag0n2 at
Fri Oct 15 19:16:04 GMT 1999


I am mounting an NT share from a linux(RH6.0) box using smbmount (samba
smbmount //machine/cvsrepository /home/user/cvsrepository -U user

I am trying to delete a read-only file in the mounted directory. The directory 
has proper write permissions:

cd /home/user/cvsrepository
mkdir blah
cd blah
chmod +w .
touch test
chmod -w test
rm test
rm: remove write-protected file `test'? y
rm: cannot unlink `test': Permission Denied
chmod +w test
rm test   (this succeeds).

And, I can remove the same file if I "net use" the share on some other NT

I need to be able to delete the read-only file in the writable directory.
Please help.



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