sharing subdirectories

Jiann-Ming Su js1 at
Fri Oct 15 18:54:54 GMT 1999

I currently have a directory with several subdirectories that are shared
through samba.  Each subdirectory is only writeable by a group assigned to
that subdirectory.  How do I share the main directory so that the share
definitions of each subdirectory is not broken, specifically the create

What I have so far, is the main directory is being mapped to a drive letter
in Windows, so that each subdirectory can be accessed as J:\subdirectory.
However, the problem is when a valid user writes to J:\subdirectory,
the new file/directory is not being created with the proper group.
However, if it's that new file/folder is written to \\server\subdirectory,
then it is correct.

What is the proper way to share the main directory to fix this problem?
Or, can it not be done?  Thanks for any help.

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