Can find linuxbox using "find" but not in neighborhood.

William Knox wknox at
Fri Oct 15 17:03:30 GMT 1999

Hey, Big Tiger,
The problem may be that there is no local master browser on that subnet.
Have you set 'local master = no' in addition to what you have below? If
not, check the output from testparm to confirm that 'local master' is
defaulting to yes.

big_tiger at wrote:
> In windoz I can using "find computer" to find linuxbox,and windoz do indicate
> that it is in the specified workgroup.Also I can access it.but I can't find it
> in network neighborhood in the specified workgroup. Why?
> The following is my [global] section:
> workgroup=domain
> netbios name=ipux
> public=yes
> server string=server
> hosts allow=172.16. (this is our subnet)
> guest account=guest
> security=share
> interfaces=
> remote announce=  (BTW,what's the diff between this and above)
> domain master=no
> wins server=
> What's wrong?
> And,another qustion.How do I know the which is the PDC of the domain I logon?
> Thanks!

			Bill Knox
			Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst
			The MITRE Corporation

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