Slow initial access to shares

Frans C.H. Schneider f.schneider at
Fri Oct 15 14:24:13 GMT 1999

> "Frans C.H. Schneider" wrote:
> >
> > Hi *
> >
> > The first time a share is being accesed on a Samba
> > server from a W95 machine, it takes some 10 seconds
> > to open the share. Subsequent accesses to the same share
> > ot other shares on the server are fast. After not accessing
> > the server for a while again the first access is really slow.
> I would guess that the initial slowness is due to
> authentication occuring in the Session Setup request.
> Subsequent connections can occur with the context
> of this session and therefore do no need to be
> revalidated.
> Is your server under extreme load?
> Cheers,
> jerry

Load is not the problem. Password level is set to 0 (the default). Also,
there is no difference between the 80 client network and the 15 client
network. Because deadtime is set to 0, the context should be kept for
subsequent accesses (I think).

Just all smb.conf settings use the default except for security = USER and


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